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Lore ist ein oft verwendeter Begriff für die umfangreiche Hintergrundgeschichte rund um das Warcraft Universum, welche in Romanen, Büchern und anderen Medien weiterentwickelt wird WoW Pro Lore Episode 1 The Titans Machinima. WoW Pro Lore, a machinima series of Warcraft's lore, from the beginning. References ^ Zarhym 2012-01-04. #9/#10 - Who's idea was WoW. Official General Discussion forum (US). ^ a b Medievaldragon 2007-07-28. Metzen talks about Wow Comic Book @ San Diego Comic Con. Blizzplanet. ^ Medievaldragon 2009-02-09. Chris Metzen & Micky Neilson Pocket Star. Lore in the Warcraft series of games is a term used for background story. The use of the term stems from Blizzard's snippets of lore for many of the multiplayer maps in their Warcraft RTS games, although how much of it has a relationship to the main Warcraft universe storyline is unclear Der Begriff Lore in Zusammenhang mit Rollenspiel bezeichnet allgemein die Hintergrundgeschichte der Welt, in der das Rollenspiel stattfindet - im Fall von World of Warcraft und den Vorgängerspielen bzw. Nachfolgern also vorrangig Azeroth. 1 Hauptaspekte 2 Kanon und Nicht-Kanon 2.1 Kanon 2.

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  1. 1 World Lore 2 Character Lore 3 Meadows 3.1 Eikthyr 3.2 Boar 3.3 Ulf 3.4 Astrid 4 Black Forest 4.1 Greydwarf 5 Swamp 5.1 Skeleton 5.2 Ulf 5.3 Surtling 5.4 Draugr 6 Mountain 6.1 Settler 6.2 Ulf 6.3 Peaks of Valheim 6.4 Astrid 6.5 Frost wyrms 7 Plains 7.1 Odin Long ago, the allfather Odin united the worlds. He threw down his foes and cast them into the tenth world, then split the boughs that.
  2. Das WoWWiki ist deine Quelle zu allen Informationen über das MMORPG World of Warcraft und jeder kann mitmachen! Ob du Wissen zu Völkern, Klassen, Zonen, Dungeons, Raids, Lore oder PvE/PvP suchst, hier wirst du fündig! Und wenn nicht, dann verewige dich einfach mit deinem eigenen Beitrag
  3. Das Forscherliga-Wiki ist eine Datenbank für den Rollenspiel-Realm Forscherliga des Computerspiels World of Warcraft. WoW-Spieler der Forscherliga haben die Möglichkeit, hier ihre Charaktere, Gilden und Schlachtzüge vorzustellen. Ebenso dient das Wiki als allgemeine Wissensdatenbank für World of Warcraft

WoW: Warlords of Draenor. Mit dem Pre-Patch 6.0.2 zur World of Warcraft-Erweiterung Warlords of Draenor erhalten alle Druiden-Spezialisierungen einen Bonus von 5 % auf bestimmte Sekundärattributboni aus allen Quellen. Dieser Bonus wird durch neue passive Fähigkeiten oder zusätzliche Effekte vorhandener passiver Fähigkeiten gewährt Her sethrak followers Sulthis, Vorrik, and Korthek seal Mythrax away beneath Atul'Aman. The war ends with the defeat of the empire of Azj'Aqir, with the surviving aqir fleeing to form the colonies of Ahn'Qiraj, Azjol-Nerub and Manti'vess. The Amani establish the city of Zul'Aman atop the site where they have slain the C'Thrax Kith'ix. -15,00 World of Warcraft, abgekürzt WoW, ist ein MMORPG des US-amerikanischen Spielentwicklers Blizzard Entertainment.Das Computerspiel wurde am 23. November 2004 - dem zehnten Jahrestag des Warcraft-Franchises - in Neuseeland, Australien, Kanada, Mexiko und in den Vereinigten Staaten veröffentlicht. In Europa erschien es am 11. Februar 2005, später auch in anderen Ländern, unter anderem in.

The Lore of Rimworld is limited and is mostly interpreted from information provided in game. However several documents have been published outlining the lore for new players. Keep in mind that the lore is being updated and that later releases retcon old ones. Old lore is only presented here as a matter of interest. Contents. 1 Cryptosleep Revival Briefing. 1.1 Introduction; 1.2 The basics; 1.3. Death knights (introduced in Wrath of the Lich King) boast powerful melee abilities as well as plate armor.These warriors supplement their strength with dark magic. Calling upon a rune system of magic, the death knight may summon unholy, blood, and frost spells. The criterion for creating a death knight previously required the existence of a level 55+ character on the player's account on any. For other lore-related sections, see Lore (Disambiguation). Lore in the Warcraft series of games is a term used for background story. The use of the term stems from Blizzard's snippets of lore for many of the multiplayer maps in their Warcraft RTS games, although how much of it has a relationship to the main Warcraft universe storyline is unclear. 1 Major areas 2 Authors of World of.

I have been fairly into Warcraft lore since BC, and I am currently very interested in all the new Shadowlands lore, since for the first time in WoW we really have next to nothing to predict how the story will go. One of the biggest questions that currently stands as far as story goes is what is machine of Death, why is it broken, and what exactly does Sylvanas propose to fix it Around the. Welcome to Lore Wiki! The comprehensive encyclopedia for the world of Lore universe (AdventureQuest, DragonFable, AdventureQuest Dragons, AdventureQuest Worlds, AdventureQuest 3D, AdventureQuest 2: Guardians, Portal Games, The Zardian). 328 articles created and 625 images uploaded since March 29th, 2014. Characters : Species: Lore: Locations: Objects: About Lore Wiki. Lore Wiki is a community. Schamanen (Lore) Kategorieseite. Bearbeiten. Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte Diskussion (0) In dieser Kategorie befinden sich alle Artikel zu Schamanen, welche als NSCs in World of Warcraft bzw. den Vorgängerspielen vorhanden sind (oder je nach Patchzustand waren) und/oder jene Schamanen, die in den diversen Lorequellen (Romane, Comics etc.) vorkommen, aber nicht zwangsläufig ihren.

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New World Lore The Island of Aeternum. New World is an open-world MMORPG that is set in an alternate-history in the twilight of the Age of Exploration and takes place on the fictional and supernatural island of Aeternum in the 17th century. Aeternum, an eternal island of legend, a place of unimaginable beauty, and yet a growing evil where the forces of death and life are in constant conflict. Lore is an American horror anthology television series developed by the creator of the podcast of the same name, Aaron Mahnke, with Valhalla Entertainment and Propagate Content. The series airs through Prime Video and follows the podcast's anthology format with each episode featuring a new story Die Hintergrundgeschichte, die einer Spielwelt zugrunde liegt. Oft wird die Lore nicht nur innerhalb des Spiels erzählt, sondern basiert auf anderen Medien, wie etwa Büchern oder Filmen zum.

Blizzard musste ja quasi (durch den nicht abbrechenden Erfolg von WoW) die ganze Lore mit jedem Addon komplett weiterführen, so dass Personen wie ich, die sich aber nicht mehr die Zeit für WoW. Lore steht für: . eine Güterlore, einen Transportwagen; alle Eisenbahnfahrzeuge, die auf der Lorenbahn Halligbahn Lüttmoorsiel-Nordstrandischmoor eingesetzt werden Lore bezeichnet: . eine Variante der weiblichen Vornamen Eleonore und Hannelore, zu Namensträgerinnen siehe Index; einen fiktiven Androiden, siehe Figuren im Star-Trek-Universum #Lore; ein Album der Folkgruppe Clanna There are different parts to the Lore in Ashes of Creation.. Origin story.; The story of the fall.; The story of deliverance/return.; These story arcs drive one or more quest lines.. It is possible for some storylines to relate to a darker/evil path, if a character should choose.; We're keeping lore very close to the chest and the reason for that is because it is very rich Mit dem kommenden Start von WoW Classic erwartet euch die Lore von damals. Erinnert euch mit uns, wie Fraktionen und Fieslinge damals aufgestellt waren

Lore is a 2012 German-British-Australian historical drama film based on Rachel Seiffert 's 2001 novel The Dark Room, the film was written by Robin Mukherjee and the film's director, Cate Shortland Write the first paragraph of your page here. Write the first section of your page here. Remember to include links to other pages on the wiki. Write the second section of your page here. Do not forget to add a category to help people find the page

This page is dedicated to the lore and world elements which appear in the game Outward. Many aspects of the lore of Outward are not explained on the Wiki. Some of this is due to how vague Outward's lore can be, but there are still many things that could be added. Feel free to create a page and list it here if you can think of something. As well as the articles listed here, the Quests pages. Fortnite: Save the World has Questlines, Events and Voicelines that all relate to a main story/lore. This is a timeline of the story's events. 1 Chapter 1 1.1 Season 0 1.2 Season 2 1.3 Season 3 1.4 Season 4 2 Chapter 2 2.1 Season 1 2.2 Season 3 Main article: Season 2 Main article: Season 3 Main..

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